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Our Mission

We seek to enrich your vitality, lifestyle and habits with our menu offerings and curated meal plan options. We create health-conscious, flavorful, allergen-sensitive Mediterranean food.


What We Offer

Catering & Events

We know every type of event is special, no matter the size. We can create unique experiences for everything from small private dinner parties to weddings and corporate events. We will work with you to meet your specific dietary needs. Yamma also offers Covid friendly individualized plates and catering, as well as family style dinners.​ And don't fret! If our catering menu doesn't list exactly what you want, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests.

Daily Menu

Lunch and dinner options include hearty and rich salads and wraps, as well as full plates like our signature lamb meshwi over maftoul.  If you're unsure of what you're in the mood for, try our sampler platter - a refreshing array of things familiar and new, flavorful and filling. 

Meal Plans

**Coming Soon!**

Like the idea of a meal plan but not endless subscriptions or boring food? We've got you covered. We offer two meal plan menu options a week for vegetarians and omnivores. Our food is delicious, fresh and delivered right to you. You can view the menu every week and decide whether or not to opt in - no subscription necessary!


Behind the Food


Palestine is part of the Fertile Crescent and was a key stop on the silk road, bringing together people and cultures throughout history. This is reflected in the eclectic Mediterranean cuisine, deeply rooted in local ingredients but with influences that span the globe. Chef Ruba's intent is to revive this tradition in the Palesitinian Diaspora.


For millennia Mediterranean cuisine has been a vibrant and delicious way of maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle. The foundation of Mediterranean food is plant based which makes it naturally high in fiber and antioxidants. Healthy fats like olive oil and omega-3s aid in keeping your mind sharp, your immune system fortified and your body strong.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - anti-inflammatory, improves hair, skin, eye and bone health, boosts HDL cholesterol

  • Tahini -rich in iron and magnesium, fiber, and protein

  • Sumac - increases metabolism, treats chest and respiratory issues

  • Chickpeas - high in fiber and protein, low calorie, high in manganese which promotes skin health

Hummus Plate

Meet the Chef


Ruba Hassan

Ruba has been acquainted with the service industry since childhood, growing up in her father’s restaurant. Her ambition and passion has fostered her ability to take on both FOH and BOH positions for over 10 years. Her experience has taken her from catering kitchens to Michelin restaurants.


Contact Us

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